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We will be your guide, inspiration, your colleague, and your bouncing board as you learn cutting-edge technology for creating positive changes in yourself and others.

Do you want to add even more value to your existing wellness services or become an entrepreneur and start your own business?

If you are a personal trainer, therapist, cardiologist, chiropractor, naturopath, psychologist or working with individuals in any way to support and encourage optimal well-being, adding NeurOptimal® to your services will not only assist you in helping your client’s health and wellness go to the next level, but it will also set you apart from other health and wellness providers.

Or are you wanting to start your own business? Even if you are in a totally different line of work, but your dream and desire is to help others in their journey to wellness and empowerment, then NO could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Join us in helping every individual have the opportunity to live their best life possible. When you no longer have to fight your brain, barriers are broken, and breakthroughs to personal transformation are finally possible.

Perhaps it sounds exciting, but also intimidating to think of taking that leap into being an entrepreneur, or being responsible for more in your current business, but you won’t be alone, you don’t have to invent the wheel, and we are here for you.

Breakthrough Neurofeedback has the experience and Advanced Certifications by NeurOptimal® to help set you up for success! From purchase, to getting Certified and creating a successful business, we can assist you in all areas.
It is not required that you become Certified to become a Trainer and start your business or to train your family at home. However, for those wishing to understand NeurOptimal® at a deeper level and receive additional tips and guidance on starting and running your own business, the Basic and Advanced Certification courses can bring a wealth of knowledge and confidence.

We do offer in-person training to assist you in becoming a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, or there is also the option of on-demand courses, pricing is the same for both options.

In-Person Learning Facilitated by Raquel Younglove

In-Person Learning, with Zengar® pre-approved Representative and Facilitator, Raquel Younglove: Experience your Zengar® Basic Certification approved content in a LIVE, interactive in-person environment. 

On-Demand Remote Learning

On-Demand Remote Learning: Experience your Basic Certification content through an on-demand recorded course with NeurOptimal®.