Become a Certified Brain Training Coach

We will be your guide, assisting  you as you learn the most advanced, proven technology availablefor creating positive changes in yourself and others.

Set yourself apart from the rest!  Add extra value to your existing business or start your business!

Already have your own business?  Corporate or Wellness? 

Adding NeurOptimal® to your business will not only assist you in helping your employee's or client’s health and wellness go to the next level, but it will also set you apart in peak performance and wellness results.

Wanting to start your own business and have more say in your life?

If you enjoy helping others and want the independence and freedom of being an entrepreneur, then NeurOptimal® could be the powerful, yet simplified solution you’ve been looking for.

Join us in helping every individual have the opportunity to live their best life possible. When you no longer have to fight your brain, barriers are broken, and breakthroughs to personal transformation are finally possible.

Perhaps it sounds exciting, but also intimidating to think of taking that leap into being an entrepreneur, or being responsible for more in your current business, but you won’t be alone, you don’t have to invent the wheel, and we are here for you.

Information We Will Cover

It is not required that you become Certified. However, for those wishing to understand NeurOptimal® at a deeper level and receive additional tips and guidance on starting and running your own business, the Basic and Advanced Certification courses can bring a wealth of knowledge and confidence.

We do offer in-person training to assist you in becoming a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, or there is also the option of on-demand courses (pricing is the same for both options).

In-Person Training Dates 2022

January 29th and 30th                   April 30th and May 1st                     July 25th and 26th

February 26 and 27                          May 28th and 29th                          September 3rd and 4th

March 26 and 27                              June 27th and 28th                          October 1st and 2nd

In-Person Learning, with Zengar® Certified Representative and Facilitator, Raquel Younglove: Experience your Zengar® Basic Certification approved content in a LIVE, interactive environment, $660.  (Space is limited.  Reserve .Your Spot)


On-Demand Remote Learning: Experience your Basic Certification content through an on-demand recorded course w.ith NeurOptimal®, $660