NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Equipment for Sale

Buy a Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback system for home use for your family, or to become a trainer and start your own business or add to your current practice. Personal and Professional systems provide the same technology used in clinics and include all you need to start training today. Try neurofeedback training at home or add it to your practice to help set you apart as a clinician who gets superior results.

We offer the same pricing as if you were to purchase this equipment directly from Zengar (the makers of Neuroptimal®).

NeurOptimal® Limited License Bundle comes pre-loaded with 100 Sessions. Fully automated NeurOptimal® Limited License system allows you to run Sessions from anywhere with just a click.

Starting at $7,495

Financing Available!

What’s Included:

  • Comes with 100 sessions*
  • Everything required to start training at home
  • NeurOptimal® is turn-key and fully automated. 

The NeurOptimal® Limited License system is the same as the Unlimited License but with limited sessions.

*Additional Sessions can be purchased for as little as $10/session

The Unlimited License Bundle offers all the power of NeurOptimal® training on a Microsoft Surface Tablet platform with Unlimited Sessions. Ideal for in-office use or if you’re on the go.   

Starting at $9,995

Financing Available!

What’s Included:

  • Includes Unlimited sessions
  • Everything required to start training at home or in your office with clients
  • NeurOptimal®is turn-key and fully automated

NeurOptimal® Business Bundle includes 3 Unlimited License systems, 2 free Certifications and more.

Starting at $29,985

Financing Available!

What’s Included:

  • Everything to start your own NeurOptimal® clinic and/or rental business
  • NeurOptimal® is turn-key and fully automated

(All pricing and details are that of Zengar®/NeurOptimal® Dynamical® Neurofeedback)

  • NeurOptimal® upgrades
  • Free ESET Antivirus Security Renewal
  • Access to webinars, documents, videos and exclusive content
  • Recertification Course
  • PASS Member Referral Program
  • (Earn up to $1000 on any Professional Bundle and $250 on any Personal Bundle)
  • 10% Discount on Most Products and Consumables
  • 20% Session Discount
  • Discount on all Personal and Professional Systems
  • Advantageous Financing Terms & Special Promotions
  • Dedicated Account Manager

In the Basic Certification course, you will learn a variety of information including neurofeedback basics, the philosophy, the theory, the NeurOptimal® history, an introduction to how it works, running clients, and of course business basics for a successful office.  Upon completion of the course you will receive Basic certification to frame and hang in your office.

As your Representative Raquel will support you with your purchase from start to finish. You will also receive aftercare support once you have your system to help with any questions that come up.

With over a decade of experience in brain training, 35,000+ client contact hours, and 25 years as an entrepreneur, Raquel can help you with insights and direction that can only come from an experienced Representative.

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Rent the same training equipment that is used during our in-office sessions with clients!  All of our rentals come with the most current Neuroptimal® software and first-hand support from your Representative, Raquel Younglove.

Want to rent before buying?  We understand some people want to experience the brain training more fully prior to buying.  No problem.  If you rent from Breakthrough Neurofeedback and then list Raquel Younglove as your Representative at the time of your purchase with NeurOptimal®, we will personally issue you a $200 rebate check.