Neuroptimal® isn’t just for anyone, it’s for everyone.

Our mission is to help reduce stress, anger, impatience and bitterness in individuals, families, work environments and society as a whole. This is accomplished through brain optimization training that helps promote increased mental and emotional flexibility and resiliency, and thus helps bring about inner peace, self-control, and more patience, kindness and gentleness with self and others.

Is Your Brain Functioning Efficiently?
Signs Of A Less Than Optimally Functioning Brain Can Include:

• Memory Problems
• Poor Performance On Tasks
• Difficulty Sleeping
• Feeling Low or Sad
• Difficulty Paying Attention
• Overactivity
• Feeling Anxious
• Addictions
• Headaches
• Catching Colds or Infections
• Irritability
• Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above, Then You Might Be A Perfect Candidate For Breakthrough Neurofeedback Brain Training!

Signs Of An Optimally Functioning Brain Include:

• Being Clear Minded
• Healthy Sleep Habits
• More Fluid Learning/Focus
• Ability To Make Better Decisions
• Feeling Happier Overall
• Being Less Reactive/More Proactive
• Handling Stress Better
• Negative Talk Dropping Away
• A Healthier Lifestyle
• Feeling More Relaxation
• Effective Attention Span
• More “On” Than Off” Days
• Optimal Flow and Function