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If you enjoy helping others and want the independence and freedom of being an entrepreneur, then NeurOptimal® could be the powerful, yet simplified solution you’ve been looking for.

Sign up and gain insight and foundational knowledge to confidently offer training Sessions for your family or business.  NeurOptimal® Advanced Trainer & Coach, Raquel Younglove, offers Certification trainings LIVE to maximize the learning potential.

Didn’t find the dates that work for your schedule? We can also run additional training days to fit your schedule.   

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Set yourself apart from the rest! Add extra value to your existing business, or start that business you've always dreamed of.

Certified NeurOptimal Facilitator, Raquel Younglove will be your guide, assisting you in learning the most advanced, proven technology available for creating positive changes in yourself and others.


Raquel Younglove will facilitate the Zengar Basic Certification Training (as taught by the NeurOptimal Education Team), LIVE in Colorado Springs, Colorado office, or you can join her for the LIVE on-line Trainings.


(All pricing and details are Zengar/NeurOptimal Dyanmical Neurofeedback pricing).

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Adding NeurOptimal® to your business will not only assist you in helping your employee's or client’s health and wellness go to the next level, but it will also set you apart in the results you are able to help your clients achieve.
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Join us in helping every individual have the opportunity to live their best life possible. When you no longer have to fight your brain, barriers are broken, and breakthroughs to personal transformation are finally possible.
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As a successful entrepreneur for 27 years and a Certified Facilitator and Representative for NeurOptimal®, Raquel Younglove has the experience to assist you in your journey to entrepreneurial success! From personal transformation, purchase of your system, getting Certified and creating a successful business, we are here for you. It is not required that you become Certified. However, for those wishing to understand NeurOptimal® at a deeper level and receive additional tips and guidance on starting and running your own business, the Basic and Advanced Certification courses can bring a wealth of knowledge and confidence. We do offer in-person training to assist you in becoming a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, or there is also the option of on-demand courses.