NeurOptimal® isn’t just for anyone, it’s for everyone.

NeurOptimal® Sessions support an optimal mindset for everyone looking to be at their best. Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but for most of us, our central nervous system gets knocked off by the challenges of daily life.

Raquel’s mission is to help reduce stress, anger, bitterness, and impatience in ourselves and society as a whole. This can be accomplished through brain optimization training that helps promote increased mental and emotional flexibility and resiliency, and thus helps reduce suffering and internal and external conflict.


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The best way to truly learn the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback difference is to experience it yourself. We look forward to helping you schedule your first session and unlocking the full potential of your mind. Have a question? You can talk to an expert by calling (888) 908-9490 or sending an email to

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