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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

“I wish there were more then 5 stars. How can one only give 5 stars to a woman who has truly changed our lives!!! Our young adult son has been working with Raquel for several months now. We started with Neurofeedback sessions and next added coaching…

The Neuro sessions helped my son make corrections to his sleep patterns, helped with his concentration, and also allowed him to keep his anxiety under control. He is no longer in need of anti-depressants to manage this. He is getting regular sleep without melatonin and is no longer suffering from panic attacks. He also has ADHD and I swear this has also helped with this. He is back in college and excelling! His brain is being retrained to stay on task and organized. He still gets anxious but is able to manage it…

I have never met anyone like her. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to help is beyond any other professional I have ever worked with. I love her spirit and faith as well. I love that she can roll that into her coaching. WORTH EVERY PENNY WE HAVE SPENT!” – Amy O

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Welcome to Breakthrough Neurofeedback Training

Breakthrough Neurofeedback has provided brain optimization services for over a decade. Upon receiving feedback from thousands of clients who had experienced various forms of brain training, we have found NeurOptimal Dynamical neurofeeback to be the most powerful, effective and efficient brain training option available. There are training options to fit all different types of lifestyles, including the option of rentals for at-home use with shipping throughout the World.

Brain Optimization Training Options

  • Buy an advanced system for neurofeedback at home or professional use
  • Schedule a session with Raquel
  • Rent a home system for consistent neurofeedback training

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Dynamical Neurofeedback Can Promote Assistance With:

Mental Fitness

Improved concentration, problem-solving, and enhanced learning capacity

Relaxation and Stress Management

Cope with things better and manage stress better

Waking refreshed

Wake from restful sleep and experience the joy of deep sleep

Feeling More Confident

Experience boosted self-esteem and more good days than bad

Providing brain optimization services for over a decade!

More Calm

Become more flexible and resilient to make coping with what you’re dealing with easier

Emotional Fitness

Become more certain, comfortable, experience more clear perception of your “stuff”

Performance and Sports Anxiety

Experience improved wellness and sense of well-being

A healthy lifestyle

Assistance with weight loss goals and sleep management

Raquel Younglove

Neuroptimal(R) Dynamical(R) Neurofeedback Advanced Certified Trainer & Representative, as well as Transformation Coach specializing in Conflict Resolution, Relationship Success Strategy, Integrative Wellness & Youth Mental Health 1st Aid