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Dynamical Neurofeedback Can Promote Assistance With:

Mental Fitness

Improving concentration, problem-solving, and enhancing learning capacity

Relaxation and Stress Management

Cope with things better and manage stress better

Waking refreshed

From restful sleep and joy of deep sleep

Feeling More Confident

Can boost self-esteem, more good days than bad

Providing brain optimization services for over a decade!

More Calm

Helping you become more flexible and resilient which makes coping with what you’re dealing with easier

Emotional Fitness

More certain, more comfortable, can help change perception of your “stuff”

Performance and Sports Anxiety

Helping to promote wellness and well-being

A healthy lifestyle

Assisting with weight loss goals, helping with sleep management

What is neurofeedback?
NeurOptimal®’s neurofeedback is a powerful wellness tool that can greatly enhance your well-being and generally help you get the most out of life. Brain training can unlock untapped cognitive potential and help you achieve long-held goals and dreams.

Because neurofeedback has been time-tested, it is also very safe. Respected institutions such as the U.S. FDA have declared NeurOptimal® a General Wellness Product.

How does it work?
The NeurOptimal® proprietary neurofeedback system is brain training software that provides your brain assistance in utilizing its best neural resources.

Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical training for the body. Much of our suffering comes from pervasive recurring thoughts and feelings in which our minds become emotionally stranded or “stuck”. Neurofeedback prompts the brain to draw from its existing resources and promote assistance in helping it pull itself out of these mental “ruts”. The result is a more open and positive mindset in which obstacles are more manageable and problems more resolvable.

Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction.

Why should I use neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback training provides assistance for the brain and body, including: helping with sleep management, more calm and focus, improvement in mental and emotional fitness and helping promote relaxation and stress management, amongst many other things.

Trainers and clients –millions and growing- have used the NeurOptimal® system to promote desired shifts in a number of physical, emotional and cognitive goals with great success.

These fall into a few general categories:


Just as physical exercise benefits the body; NeurOptimal® is a mental and emotional fitness tool to help keep the brain fit and resilient.


Part of your fitness program – Eat Right, Train Your Body, Train Your Brain


A growing number of Olympic and professional athletes now use neurofeedback for assistance in achieving that critical mental edge which often results in gold medals and championships. When competitors are separated by 100ths of a second, the improved mental focus and physical performance neurofeedback provides can mean the difference between winning and losing. But you don’t have to be a pro athlete to enjoy the benefits of neurofeedback. Looking to improve your golf game? Want to be a better pitcher for your company softball team? NeurOptimal® can help.


Because neurofeedback training helps promote improved mental acuity, more calm and more focus, students use NeurOptimal® as a critical tool to improve their performance in school. Unlike so-called “smart drugs” or neuro enhancing pharmaceuticals, NeurOptimal® is 100% drug-free and has no known side effects (apart from improved sleep!).

What happens in a session?
A certified NeurOptimal® trainer may have you fill out a survey listing your areas for desired shifts towards your goals or desires.

You will get settled in a quiet space and in a comfortable chair. The trainer will attach special sensors to your head and you will have earbuds that play relaxing peaceful music. You may hear occasional “skips” or interruptions in the music – this is the signal that prompts your brain to observe itself and promotes self-optimization.

At the end of a session, you will most likely feel less stressed and more mentally clear. It is unlikely you will experience any negative after-effects as NeurOptimal® does not artificially “push” the brain in any specific direction. Many users experience deeper sleep and vivid dreams after their very first session.

How is NeurOptimal® different from other systems?
There are a few key factors that distinguish NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback systems:

1. NeurOptimal® is effective because it is designed to work best with your individual brain. It does not attempt to “fix” predetermined conditions or pin down specific problems. The heart of the NeurOptimal® system -Dynamical Neurofeedback®- is a proprietary technology based in neuroscience and specifically designed with the naturally non-linear function of the human brain in mind. NeurOptimal® is built to harness the incredibly dynamic nature of your brain in a way other systems simply cannot match. As a result, this neurofeedback system can be used effectively to address a wide array of goals without specifically “targeting” them from the outset of the neurofeedback training.

2. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is extremely safe. Research shows your own brain “knows best” and therefore the NeurOptimal® brain training system does not force or “push” the brain in any one direction. Basically, Dynamical Neurofeedback® provides your brain with the information it needs to improve itself and function at its most optimal. NeurOptimal® simply enables your own brain’s natural process of self-correction.

3. NeurOptimal® requires no effort on the user’s part. Some brain training systems require the user to “interact” by playing games or solve puzzles during sessions. This additional level of interaction is unnecessary with the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system. During a training session, you can simply relax and enjoy.

Raquel Younglove

Dynamical Neurofeedback Trainer & Representative, as well as Integrative Wellness, Conflict Resolution, Advanced Relationship, and Strategic Intervention Coach.

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