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System for your Home or Business

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Interested in purchasing for personal or business use? Breakthrough Neurofeedback has you covered.  We can help you with all your NeurOptimal Brain Training needs. 

Limited License and Unlimited License systems provide the same technology used in clinics, and include all you need to start training within minutes of receiving your system.

Bring this amazing neurofeedback technology into your home or add it to your business to help your family and clientele experience the highest quality of life possible.

We offer the same pricing as if you were to purchase this equipment directly from Zengar (the makers of Neuroptimal®).

NeurOptimal® Limited License Bundle

$ 7,995
  • Comes with 100 sessions
  • Everything required to start training at home
  • NeurOptimal® is turn-key and fully automated

NeurOptimal® Unlimited License Bundle

$ 10,495
  • Includes Unlimited sessions
  • NeurOptimal® is turn-key and fully automated
  • Zero-Interest Financing
Best Value

NeurOptimal® Unlimited License Business Start-Up Bundle

$ 32,985
  • Includes unlimited sessions
  • Everything to start your own NeurOptimal® clinic and/or rental business
  • NeurOptimal® is turn-key and fully automated

Different Bundles for Different Needs

NeurOptimal has options for a variety of needs.  The Limited License System Bundle comes with 100 sessions and provides the same brain training as the Unlimited License System Bundle, with the exception of the session count available. 


Wanting to start a Business or get your Rental Business up and running, the Unlimited License Business Start-Up Bundle comes with 3 NeurOptimal systems.

Learn More and Get Certified as a Brain Training Coach

Whether you want to learn more before you purchase a system, or if you have already purchased and want to go through the Certification so you can understand Neurofeedback and NeurOptimal at a deeper level, while also receiving business guidance, our LIVE Certification course can be a resource to give you ongoing education and Certification.

Prefer financing? We have 0% interest options available

We offer financing options for all Bundle options.  It is incredibly simple to apply with approval typically between 24 and 48 hours.  

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Wanting to rent first if you haven't experienced NeurOptimal yet? We understand. If you rent with us and then decide to purchase within 4 weeks, listing Raquel Younglove as your Representative with NeurOptimal, we will personally issue you a $200 rebate check.

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Learn more about NeurOptimal and how you can help improve mental health and total wellness in your home and worldwide.  

Get The Most Out Of Your NeurOptimal® System With PASS Membership

When you purchase a NeurOptimal system, you gain access to a wide range of tools to keep your system performing its best, and improve your brain! The NeurOptimal® PASS Member is a great way to gain access to even more tools to maximize your NeurOptimal experience. 

  • NeurOptimal® upgrades
  • Free ESET Antivirus Security Renewal
  • Access to webinars, documents, videos and exclusive content
  • Recertification Course
  • PASS Member Referral Program
  • Earn up to $1000 on any Professional Bundle and $250 on any Personal Bundle
  • 10% Discount on Most Products and Consumables
  • 20% Session Discount
  • Discount on all Personal and Professional Systems
  • Advantageous Financing Terms & Special Promotions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Support From Breakthrough Neurofeedback

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Professional Guidance

Start Your Journey With NeurOptimal® Today!

As a successful entrepreneur for 27 years and a Certified Instructor and Representative for NeurOptimal®, Raquel Younglove has the experience to assist you in your journey to entrepreneurial success! From personal transformation, purchase of your system, getting Certified and creating a successful business, we are here for you. It is not required that you become Certified. However, for those wishing to understand NeurOptimal® at a deeper level and receive additional tips and guidance on starting and running your own business, the Basic and Advanced Certification courses can bring a wealth of knowledge and confidence. We do offer in-person training to assist you in becoming a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, or there is also the option of on-demand courses.

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