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Want to try a session before renting or buying? Or perhaps you want to just get away to a serene, peaceful environment and receive the treatment from an Advanced Certified Neuroptimal® neurofeedback trainer. Look no farther, we can provide that in our Colorado Springs, Colorado office.


Cost per neurofeedback session: $115.

Packages are available.

Appointments run 45 minutes (the actual neurofeedback session time is 33 minutes). 

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our office is open for in-office sessions with enforcement of strict safety protocols.

Promotes Sleep

Improves mental & physical energy without the crash or jitters.

Enhances Memory

Helps enhance memory & optimize performance under stressful situations.


Boosts Brain Function

Helps to boost brain function, improve decision making and enhance creativity.

Improves Confidence

Promotes controlled relaxation at rest & enhanced focused in stressful situations.


There are options for all budgets and all lifestyles.

We provide obligation-free consultations to discuss your questions, learn more about you, and help you identify the best fit for your needs and desires.

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What People Are Saying

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Raquel has given our family hope and guidance in the most critical time of our 16 year old son's life. Without her assistance I truly believe our family's outcome would have been devastating and/or tragic. Thank you Raquel, for speaking life into my son's life.
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I had a great experience with Breakthrough Neurofeedback! Raquel is wonderful and my neurofeedback sessions were VERY helpful for my lifelong chronic anxiety. I highly recommend!!
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Raquel has helped our son with Neurofeedback and Counseling. She has made a big difference in our son’s well-being! We highly recommend her as a life coach and her Neurofeedback sessions, have helped our son’s anxiety, depression and sleeping patterns. Thank you, Raquel.

Professional Guidance

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As a successful entrepreneur for 27 years and a Certified Facilitator and Representative for NeurOptimal®, Raquel Younglove has the experience to assist you in your journey to entrepreneurial success! From personal transformation, purchase of your system, getting Certified and creating a successful business, we are here for you. It is not required that you become Certified. However, for those wishing to understand NeurOptimal® at a deeper level and receive additional tips and guidance on starting and running your own business, the Basic and Advanced Certification courses can bring a wealth of knowledge and confidence. We do offer in-person training to assist you in becoming a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, or there is also the option of on-demand courses.