Schedule a Neurofeedback Session

Schedule Your NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Session

Wanting to try a session before renting or buying? Or perhaps you want to just get away to a serene peaceful environment and receive the treatment from an Advanced Certified Neuroptimal® neurofeedback trainer. Look no farther, we can provide that as well in our Colorado Springs, Colorado office. COVID-19 UPDATE: Our office is open for in-office sessions with enforcement of strict safety protocols.

Pricing and Options:

Schedule a Session (cost range from $100 and up).* 

Train on your time, in your home or office.

Rent a Neurofeedback Home System and save (cost range from $600 per month and up).* 

           **LIFE WELLNESS MEMBERSHIP  for In-Center and At-Home Rentals  (includes free sessions).Ideal for those committed to ongoing wellness (availability limited).    Contact Us to Learn More.

Buy NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Equipment for home or professional use(cost ranges from $5995 and up, with 0% financing options available)

Breaking Barriers Coaching (cost ranges from $130 and up) Mental Health & Life Mastery Strategy Coaching