Hi. I wanted to report that my well-being is improved since I started; I no longer get very mad or have out bursts when things that usually bother me happen; now, I let it roll off my shoulders. My road rage, is simmered down. My pain levels have also gone down; I still have pain, but it’s even more manageable. Raquel’s training for me, gave me peace in my mind, and slowed my mind down to a relaxing state. After sessions, I feel refreshed and tend to have more energy afterwards. I become more focused and my mind can be more clear when thinking about what I like to do. The treatments improved my personality, and I definitely felt a change with my mind and body.

I recommend her training to other veterans who also suffer for I believe it has helped me, and do believe it would help others as well, Thank you.CET

I have recently completed the regimen for vets, for Dynamical Neurofeedback with Raquel Younglove at Breakthrough Neurofeedback. This treatment I will recommend to anyone. It has been extremely beneficial not only for myself as the client, but also for my spouse, whom has had to deal with all of this.

Upon completion, not only did I notice a marked difference afterwards, but it was also noticed that while I was undergoing treatment, there were differences in my actions/reactions by others. As I completed the sessions, it was observed by myself and others that these ailments were improving: I was becoming less hypervigilant, falling asleep easier/earlier (my insomnia is affecting me less), decreased sinus issues, less reactivity, decreased racing thoughts, improved focus (I have trouble focusing while reading, which I love to do), and overall becoming more even-keeled in my moods.

This training is one that I myself have had success with, not only by my observation, but also noticed by others as well. I have and will continue to recommend this to anyone. I also believe that this process will be especially beneficial to fellow veterans, and would push that not only WW promote it, but for the VA to adopt it as well.

Thanks, Raquel!B.D.U.

Dear Raquel,

I wanted to take a minute and send you a thank you! Thank you for your neurofeedback services! My son, S. D. has had some struggles since the age of 2. We moved from another state here to Colorado Springs when he turned 6. We were quite nervous to be leaving our support network, his friends, and his school and creating such a big change. At first he was handling the new environment well, but as school started we could tell he was getting more anxious. He started having difficulty making little decisions, like what to eat for breakfast, which was unlike him. He was getting more and more difficult for his teacher and we could tell he was struggling. He wasn’t sleeping very well either.

I am happy to say after the 10 neurofeedback sessions we got our son, S. D., is back, my mom heart is very happy! Thank you for providing such a caring and calm environment to support him! His sense of calm is improved dramatically. He is laughing more and is calmer. His decision making got easier, and his executive functioning skills improved. He became excited to go to school and his behaviors improved tremendously. He is also sleeping very well. I am crying happy tears just thinking how far he has come in such short amount of time, thanks to you! I would highly recommend neurofeedback and your services!

Thank you for everything!S.D.s Mom