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NeurOptimal is the Most Advanced, Time-Tested, Training Available.

Brain Training That Works - NeurOptimal®

Convenience: Experience the convenience of training together as a family with our at-home NeurOptimal® system. Say goodbye to travel time and expenses and save up to 65% compared to in-center sessions.


Rent a NeurOptimal® system and enjoy the freedom to train at home or anywhere you choose, with the option to purchase later. Pick up your rental in our Colorado Springs office or have it delivered to your door.


Personalized Support: Receive personalized remote support from our certified advanced trainers. With 20 years of experience, they will guide you step-by-step through setup using various resources such as written and visual materials, videos, and first-hand assistance. Within minutes, you’ll be up and running, benefiting from over 30 years of knowledge and insight to maximize your neurofeedback outcomes and improve your overall well-being. Additionally, you’ll receive a deep-dive into life-enhancing lifestyle tips and strategies to support personal success long-term.


Same Training as in Office: Experience the same brain training as in-office sessions. NeurOptimal® helps optimize your brain’s flexibility and resilience, allowing you to navigate through life with ease. As your internal world becomes organized, you’ll be able to optimize and organize your external world too.


Train as a family and achieve peak performance with at-home rentals starting as low as $19 per session.

Find The Package That Fits Your Needs

Rental Plans


6 Months Uninterrupted Training
$ 450 SALE
  • 6 month/180-day rental
  • $2700 Savings
  • Initial payment $900, then $450/month for 4 months
  • Monthly autopay required
  • Friends and Family Plan - Unlimited Sessions
  • Up to 6 users
  • Professional grade system
  • Includes 2, 4-oz containers of Ten/20 paste
  • Unlimited neurofeedback support via phone, text, and email
  • Video tutorials online
  • Downloadable progress tracking worksheets
  • Eligible for $300 cash back with purchase of a system
Best Value


Unlimited Sessions
$ 700 SALE

  • 30-day rental
  • Ideal for 3 or more users
  • Professional-grade system
  • Most up-to-date software
  • Unlimited remote support via phone, text, and email
  • Video tutorials online
  • Downloadable progress tracking worksheets
  • Find a different price? Ask about our price matching!
  • Eligible for $300 cash back with purchase of a system


22 sessions
$ 600 SALE

  • 1-2 Users
  • Professional-grade system
  • Most up-to-date software
  • Up to 22 Sessions
  • Additional Sessions: $20 Ea.
  • Unlimited support via phone, text, and email
  • Video tutorials online
  • Downloadable progress tracking worksheets
  • Weekly check-ins with Certified Advanced Trainer (optional)
  • Find a different price? Ask about our price matching!
  • Eligible for $300 cash back with purchase of a system

Rental FAQs

Breakthrough Neurofeedback has provided brain training services to clients worldwide for nearly two decades, making us a top expert in the field. With our first-hand experience, knowledge and Certifications, we have everything needed to support you in maximizing wellness and achieving your goals.


Questions about your session process and what you might be experiencing during sessions? We’ve spent over 35,000 hours working with individuals brains and had outstanding results. We can help you, too.


Want to bring it full circle? CEO and Founder, Raquel Younglove also offers Mental Health & Life Mastery Coaching through Breaking Barriers Coaching. to help you better understand yourself and others and learn solutions and strategies to creating the world and environment you desire to achieve health and success, as uniquely defined by you, we’ve got you covered.


Wanting to become an entrepreneur yourself and have a desire to help others thrive rather than just survive? With over 26 years as an entrepreneur, Raquel Younglove can assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur as well.

Your rental includes everything you will need for your brain training: The Neuroptimal tablet, power cord, USB cable, zAMP, along with conductive paste and one set of sensors, sufficient for daily training throughout the rental period. (Additional paste and sensors can be purchased if needed).


Also included:

  • Unlimited support via phone, text, and email
  • Video tutorials online
  • Downloadable progress tracking worksheets
  • Exceptional remote technical support


*Must supply your own earbuds

After the first month, you have the option to extend the rental. We recommend two- to three-month rentals for best results for neurofeedback training at home. Ask us about our two to three month discounts.



After initial rental period, rental period may be increased in 2 or 4 week increments as needed (pricing is calculated based on regular pricing broken down per week).

Shipping costs are billed separately at a flat rate fee of $65, to include a return label through FedEx for ease of return of the system. Shipment to Canada is $100 flat-rate one way and takes 5-6 business days.

Once equipment is available, it takes about 2-4 business days for shipment anywhere in the US, 5-6 business days to Canada. Free pick-up is available locally. If there is a wait for equipment, an online reservation and signed contract will get you on the waitlist.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept insurance. We can, however, provide you with a paid receipt to submit to insurance. We do not guarantee coverage by your insurance provider.

We can accept HSA cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo. If for any reason, the card will not process, we have found that the most efficient process is for the client to issue us a check for payment, and we’re happy to give you a receipt to submit to your HSA to seek reimbursement.

If you have two or more weeks left in your rental period, and an emergency comes up making it so you are unable to use your sessions, you can return your rental early. The prorated remaining balance will be available on in-center or at-home neurofeedback rental services. 


The calculation for the prorated balance will be calculated starting from the day after Breakthrough Neurofeedback receives the rental back (funds on account will expire 180 days from the date rental is received back).


Note that any additional shipping charges are sole responsibility of the renter.  No refunds.

Imagine How Your Quality of Life Would Improve If You Could Maximize Time

All brain training services can be done in-person or remotely.

NeurOptimal® can help you increase productivity, and stay engaged and motivated in your daily life. Whether you experience challenges with focus and hyperactivity, experience symptoms of brain fog, or simply want to optimize your cognitive performance, we can help with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and Peak Performance Strategies.

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