Raquel Younglove

My Testimonial for An Optimized Brain =
Some of "My Why's" For Wanting to Help You!

I first learned of Brain Training in 2005 during a last-minute weekend getaway out of state. I had recently lost 5 loved ones in 5 months’ time and also ended a 14-year relationship. I was also an entrepreneur in the medical field in a very high pressure world, and Founder and sole provider for a wolf and wolfdog rescue for the most terrified, shy traumatized wolves from across the United States. Although I was “pulling it all off,” due to the drastic changes in my world, I had lost a lot of my spark and spunk for life…more so feeling as though I was having to pull myself through the motions which was so unlike me. I didn’t think much of it when a friend first mentioned that he was doing sessions, but once I began talking to the trainer providing the services, the potential of what it could do peaked my interest greatly. I changed my weekend vacation plans to do sessions instead of the sightseeing I had planned. At the end of sessions, my response was it was very clearly the best gift I had ever given myself and the best thing I had ever spent my money on. My spark and focus and zest for life had amazingly resurfaced. I was back. I hadn’t lost the memory of things, but I had lost the painful, heavy emotional charge that went with the losses and needed changes.

It changed my world, and I had finally found what I had been searching for, a career that allowed me to help and serve and reduce suffering not only for animals, but for people. I’ve been providing brain training to clients ever since.

Miraculously, the story doesn’t end there. My back was broken in a car accident over 35 years ago at age 15. I finally consented to back surgery at age 20 and it went horribly wrong. For the last 30 years I have had a hole in my lumbar spine where a fusion failed and 3 out of 6 broken screws have remained since near immediately postop. In spite of this, I had always done very well as a result of strength training; however, there were still limitations to exercises around my core, around the broken back and hardware. Around age 44, I recognized all of my friends and even many clients would speak of waking up achy and hurting, and it suddenly dawned on me…That doesn’t make any sense. I’m 44, I have a failed back surgery, I’ve had a broken left foot and broken left hand, and I spring out of bed with no pain at all, and even more oddly I’m now doing exercises for my core and hips that I could never even do in my 20s, 30s or earlier 40s…How could that be possible?

In evaluating what had changed, how could “I,” the one with the severely broken bones/missing bones and extreme injuries and fractures, and a very strong maternal and paternal family history of rheumatoid

arthritis, be the one having no pain or achiness? The answer, it is my brain training! It is NeurOptimal® Brain Training. Through the ability of brain training to help us come to peak performance and move away from discomfort, even 20-30 years after my original injury my body was able get out of it’s emergency/trauma mode response to the original injury, failed surgery, and was able to heal scar tissue, and stop unnecessarily guarding the injury, so finally there could be healthy circulation, blood flow, and healing. When my brain and central nervous system were allowed to observe itself through brain training and recognize I was not “in that insult” or “in that trauma” anymore, it allowed my central nervous system to become unstuck and move away from discomfort and be able to access more optimal functioning and healing.

My "Why" for my services, is because I have unintentionally put brain training to the test more than I would have ever cared to. I am a very strong-willed, determined person, self-motivated person, but I have been through "a lot" on innumerable fronts in my life, and truly I do not think I could have the internal and external world I do today without the incredibly powerful addition of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training.

My greatest desire is to share the solutions I have found to help others thrive and be set free of mental and emotional challenge, heaviness and struggle, and/or physical struggle that doesn't have to be a life sentence.

When our brain is optimized, when it is at peak functioning and not stuck in old ways of caring for us that are no longer serving us, then it is set free to send the correct messages to the cells in our bodies so we can have improved circulation, hormones, heartbeat, organ and tissue healing and function, memory, focus, quality sleep. The list is endless.

Whether it is in my services through Breakthrough Neurofeedback providing NeurOptimal® support at all levels, or through Breaking Barriers Coaching, providing Mental Health & Life Mastery Coaching Strategies, I support individuals in living their best life possible in each area they desire.