NeurOptimal® for Athletes

From being bullied, to having resilience as a super power!

Testimonial from a mom:

“Brain training for sports performance – mind blowing!! Her confidence is off the charts! 7th grader playing against 16 year olds.

Indoor soccer season:

  • 39 goals in 11 games
  • 8 in post season tournament
  • 3 in championship to bring her team from behind to win in OT, with penalty kicks (most girls get nervous with this).


Last year, she got bullied. She finally disclosed the bullying and that she was getting hit at school. She was entering a freeze response when she’d get hit.

Dynamical neurofeedback has been the answer to getting her brain/nervous system what it needs while fitting into the routines of our life. Since we can do it from the security and peace of our own home, her resilience has been unlocked almost like superpowers. People are asking us what she’s doing, etc. I firmly believe it’s the regulation that brain training has brought me and continued onto her, as parents get free, so do their children.

Can’t wait to see her journey unfold!”

Advantages of Brain Training for Athletes

Does NeurOptimal® work? Be the judge! New England’s Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady maintains optimum performance by using Neurofeedback brain training. He has led his team to five Super Bowls, and apart from the exemplary performance, Brady has defied the effects of aging. 


Sports is a game of decision-making. It demands athletes make real-time decisions amidst enormous pressure and distraction. Aging is also known to slow down brain activity and performance. With this in mind, Brady adopted brain training as a tool to improve his life and boost his career. Indeed, he has been a great symbol of what taking care of your brain can do. 


A growing number of coaches are beginning to see the importance of keeping the brain at its optimal function. A clear, calm mind and single-minded focus on the task at hand is essential for success at the highest levels. It can also benefit people in their daily lives, reducing anxiety and helping with performance in the office, at home, or in relationships.


Would you like to train your brain and achieve all around great performance in different facets of your life? NeurOptimal® can equip you with the support needed to correct brain activity that may have been compromised over the years due to age, injury or psychological issues. Rejuvenate your brain performance today!

Training that can be done on recovery days

Muscles and joints need time to heal between training sessions. Neurofeedback training is non-invasive and doesn’t put strain on the body, but can assist in optimizing the brain. This makes it a great option for athletes who want to maximize their time, training their brain to support peak performance, while their body is resting. It can be a great adjunct to watching training or footage and practicing visualization.

Short, simple sessions

NeurOptimal® sessions can be performed in the comfort of your home, the gym or training center, or even business office. The sessions take just 33 minutes to complete. The brain training process helps maximize mind-body connection and is an effective way to have the cutting edge in your sports performance.

Build confidence and resilience

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training can help athletes become more resilient, confident, calm, and focused. Those who experience competition anxiety or have suffered a loss from freezing at a crucial moment may find this training system helps them become free from those inhibitions and get reconnected with their cutting edge.

A skill you'll have for life

Just as you never forgot how to swim or ride a bike, your brain will never forget the focus, resilience and concentration it achieves from neurofeedback training. Sometimes an event can shatter your confidence, or trauma or hormonal changes can alter certain thought patterns. However, with NeurOptimal® training you will be stronger against the storms when they do hit, and if that trauma does take you off your game a little bit, a simple refresher session can help you tap back into optimal functioning again.

Training Your Mind and Body

The importance of keeping the brain sharp is something that cannot be underestimated. Many coaches and athletes focus entirely on the body’s structure and movement patterns, but if the brain can’t focus, the body won’t perform at the level it should. By taking the time to train both elements, athletes can get a competitive edge.

Start your NeurOptimal® Journey!

The NeurOptimal® system has gone through many iterations and improvements since the team behind it started working on neurofeedback technology. The system that exists today reads the brain activity of the athlete and provides feedback to the brain 256 x per second about what it just did, which helps the brain self-regulate and optimize to achieve flexibility, resilience and adaptability. 


This innovative, flexible system meets the individual where they are and helps them step into the best version of themselves. It’s non-invasive and assists athletes in a strong mind and peak physical ability and recovery. If you’d like to try NeurOptimal® to increase your sports performance, contact us today to book a consultation or your first session.

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