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Life is hard as it is and achieving a balanced lifestyle while keeping healthy and positive is not as easy as it seems – until now, thanks to our NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback brain training. 


NeurOptimal® is a tried and tested brain training method that involves self-optimization. NeurOptimal® assists the brain and central nervous system in achieving optimal brain function. It involves measuring the brain’s electrical activity, which then provides a feedback signal to the brain, in the form of an interrupt, or pause in the music that the individual is listening to. This assists the brain in observing what it just did, so it can decide if it wants to adjust for enhanced flexibility and resilience.


Does NeurOptimal® work? Be the judge! New England’s Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady maintains optimum performance by using Neurofeedback brain training. He has led his team to five Super Bowls, and apart from the exemplary performance, Brady has defied the effects of aging. 


Sports is a game of decision-making. It demands athletes make real-time decisions amidst enormous pressure and distraction. Aging is also known to slow down brain activity and performance. With this in mind, Brady adopted brain training as a tool to improve his life and boost his career. Indeed, he has been a great symbol of what taking care of your brain can do. 


Would you like to train your brain and achieve all around great performance in different facets of your life? NeurOptimal® can equip you with the support needed to correct brain activity that may have been compromised over the years due to age, injury or psychological issues. Rejuvenate your brain performance today!

Benefits of Brain Training for Better Brain Function

Whatever the present state of your brain activity is, you can benefit immensely from brain training. When your brain activity is optimized, you can achieve mental acumen. That comes with a couple of benefits, including mental clarity, focus, excellent memory, concentration, keenness, and depth of perception, not to mention mind-body connection and many others that can help you live your best life. 

Here are other benefits of NeurOptimal® for brain performance:

Promotes Brain Wellness

The NeurOptimal® system assists in general wellness, resulting in increased optimal functioning of your brain and body.  

Supporting the Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is the control center for our brain and body. It is also the core of perception, emotion, and thought. NeurOptimal® supports the brain and central nervous system in operating at peak function, so we can be at the top of our game mentally and physically. 

Good User Interface

Operating the NeurOptimal® system is very user friendly and meets each brain where it is at in the session. It assists the brain in observing itself 256 x per second, supporting self-regulation and enhanced performance on all levels. 

Supporting your brain in being at its best

The NeurOptimal® system creates a feedback loop to your brain, allowing your brain to observe what it just did, activating the brain’s natural healing ability for flexibility, resilience and adaptability.

What is Brain Training?

Clinical psychologists, Dr. Valdaene and Sue Brown, developed the NeurOptimal® system. The system is one of a kind, because it is the world’s only Dynamical® Neurofeedback system. The system trains the brain and is a great fit for use at home and in a professional office. 

Why Is Brain Training Becoming So Popular?

Brain training has grown over the years because sector players in academia and sports have realized its immense capabilities. In academia, it improves the cognitive reserve, which increases the capacity of an individual to:


  • Assimilate information
  • Comprehend human interactions 
  • Develop informed conclusions 


Hence, the output of individuals in academia and society is improved. In sports, coaches, sports psychologists, trainers, athletes, and martial artists have realized the immense effect of brain training on performance. This has seen improvement in areas such as:


  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Perseverance
  • Performance
  • Mind-body connection 
  • Improvement in general life outside of sports

How You Can Support Your Brain

1. Social Interaction

Human social interactions engage various parts of the brain. They can therefore impact cognitive functioning. When people care for one another and grow up in a family set-up, they develop a sense of belonging with deep societal roots.


Lack of social contact can therefore affect mental health, where increased social interactions improve mental health. How so? This is because a sense of being wanted has a high correlation with mental soundness. In the long run, it can foster positive thoughts to improve performance. 


How do social interactions train the brain? Interaction with people allows one to pay attention, maintain memory required for conversations, understand issues from another person’s perspective, and assess situational constraints. Doing these activities in a social set-up helps train the working memory and influences social inference.

2. Mental Games

Solving puzzles or complex crosswords is the most renowned method of brain training. Studies actually show that neurocognitive disorders, such as impairment and dementia, can be improved through games. 


Puzzles enable the brain to improve visuospatial functioning, which keeps the mind sharp. Such activities keep the brain active, especially when compared to activities that do not require reasoning from people, such as watching television. That said, mind games are a good way to prevent cognition disorder, especially in old age or scenarios of reduced mental activity.  

3. Train Your Mind and Body with NeurOptimal®

Training your mind with the NeurOptimal® system improves your way of life and thinking. It helps you achieve better results at home, in academia, and socially. Consequently, our Neurofeedback system has life-changing outcomes. 


It helps build mental acumen through:


  • Improving confidence
  • Helping to maintain calmness
  • Increase in concentration and focus
  • Improving physical and psychological well-being
  • Increased endurance in life
  • Increased cognitive performance
  • Improvement in creativity
  • Improved outcome in life, increasing enjoyment.
  • Increased success levels and endurance


NeurOptimal® brain training improves brain functionality and helps people solve issues that arise from stress, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence as well. Now is your time to turn your story around. 

Start your NeurOptimal® Journey!

Is brain training something that you want to pursue? Well, NeurOptimal® is your best bet! It provides a modern cutting-edge solution that is safe, affordable, error-free, and genuine. The system has been supported by clinical psychologists all over the world, thanks to years of intense research to ensure that the system achieves the desired outcomes.  


Get the most out of your life now. Because your brain takes care of you, take care of it as well! Remember that your brain is the source of your mindset, identity, physiological function, and habits.


Take your first step in getting your brain to function at its best by booking a discovery call at NeurOptimal®.

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