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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training

The central nervous system is the processing center of the body and consists of the spinal cord and the brain. It regulates thought, emotion, and our physiological processes. Unfortunately, negative thinking causes the brain to deteriorate more quickly as we age. If we’re honest, negativity dominates nowadays: diseases, high crime rates, unstable families, stress at work, exorbitant living expenses – you name it! 


Consequently, our society is heavily ridden with burglars, murderers, rapists, depressed workers, suicidal teenagers, and many psychologically disturbed citizens all because of poor mental states. This is a direct consequence of numerous stressful situations, including unemployment and difficult economic times. As a result, neurological conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and many others emerge. 


Fortunately, we have just the solution to help you maintain optimal performance and positive thinking. Breakthrough Neurofeedback uses cutting-edge technology and life strategy solutions specialized to help build brain resilience and adaptability and maintain clarity amidst the negative situations in your life and the world. The exclusive brain training system is our revolutionary NeurOptimal® Dynamical® Neurofeedback! This training tool helps you achieve peak performance and optimal functioning.


NeurOptimal® brain training supports the brain in self-correcting or self-regulating, which reduces the tendencies toward anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, and many other neurological issues that can affect your mental well-being. More than that, our NeurOptimal® brain training system allows you to focus and sleep better and experience improved general well-being. A stable mind yields a productive and healthy human being, and consequently, a better society. 


Regardless of what you do, we highly recommend training your brain with NeurOptimal® to unlock your full potential.  NeurOptimal® is an effective technique for improving your brain health, everyone, all ages.

Benefits of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback For Your Family

There are several significant benefits that you and your family can enjoy from NeurOptimal®. These advantages that you wouldn’t want to miss out on include:

1. Improved State Of Being

NeurOptimal® brain training enhances your brain health and that of your loved ones. It helps promote optimal mental health, reducing the worldly strains so many families are experiencing in relation to finances, relationships, and worldly concerns. When your brain is healthy, your emotional state, thoughts and physiological processes are at their optimal state. You stand to gain these and more when choosing NeurOptimal® for your health.

2. User-Friendly

Let’s face it, at first glance, it seems brain training would be a complex affair. However, while other types of brain training systems have complex engagement mechanisms or are trying to manipulate or push the brain to a set point, NeurOptimal® is easy to use and very user friendly. All you need to do is place the sensors on your head and ears and let your brain do the work for you! You can even use it while doing other tasks, like reading a novel or watching a TV show. The feedback is in the sound.

3. Safe Brain Therapy

NeurOptimal® is a non-invasive, non-chemical, no-talk solution that simply assists the brain in reorganizing itself so you can function and respond to situations better.  

4. Cost Friendly

NeurOptimal® is an incredibly powerful solution for entire families to train together in the comfort of their home and at the ideal times for their schedule. It is budget-friendly, and individuals typically start to notice results around session seven. 

5. No Age Limit

Mental issues don’t just affect adults. They affect kids and individuals of all ages. Luckily, our system is available for anyone. NeurOptimal® brain training can be used by all persons, including children, to boost their brain health.

Train Your Mind and Body With NeurOptimal® Reach Your Full Potential

NeurOptimal® is a brain training system that activates the brain for better focus, enhanced body functioning, sleep, and overall health. The training system clears up brain fog to help people discern issues and deal with them calmly, no hysteria, no anxiety or panic attacks, no emotional baggage, just good reasoning with a clear state of mind. 


NeurOptimal® can help you be focused and intentional and give you the energy required for daily tasks. In other words, it helps you achieve peak performance. 


Healthy sleep is yet another great milestone to achieve with the NeurOptimal® brain training system. Sleep helps the body unwind and rejuvenate, giving you the power to work more productively and enhancing your success rate in your everyday living.


Lastly, improved focus helps bring clarity in whatever one is doing, resulting in efficiency. If you’re looking to enjoy a life filled with efficiency and better performance, which are the ingredients of a successful and happy life, consider training your mind with NeurOptimal®.

Brain Training And Family System

A team is the sum of its parts. Consequently, our society is made up of families, and the well-being of the family matters a lot in having a thriving society. Families deal with a lot – divorce, sicknesses, death, financial constraints, relationship issues, and many others. That leads to dysfunctional families and, therefore, a dysfunctional society. 


If we choose to address mental issues such as addiction and depression at the family level, we can strengthen the family unit and society. That is why brain training is considered an effective means of enhancing the health of the public. Here is a list of how brain training helps families be productive:


  • Brain training can help with reducing anger and impulsivity. Mood swings can affect relationships with family members, and brain training helps calm our moods, thus supporting harmony between people.
  • Brain training can help you unwind, particularly during or after work. When you have too much work to handle and lack focus, NeurOptimal® brain training helps your brain clear up, resulting in brain clarity.
  • Brain training can assist with zeroing in on specific assignments, helping you to be more efficient with tasks so your free up time for self-care and quality time with loved ones.
  • Brain training can help limit errors. Man is to error, and sometimes people don’t accept mistakes easily. However, brain training aids in the cognitive aspect of recalling and paying attention to detail, hence minimizing errors resulting in cohesive families and society.
  • Brain training can help with better sleep. Sleep is important for good physical and mental health, which improves our experience in every area of life.

Start your NeurOptimal® Journey!

Just as a lack of exercise leads to a dull, unhealthy, and short life, brain performance also reduces without exercise. Brain training is for the mind as exercise is to the body. For optimal brain performance, Neurofeedback is simply the solution.


It is a non-invasive brain training that assists functions such as emotions, state of mind, thoughts, and our stress response. It helps one get back to optimal functioning to avoid mental health issues that could affect relationships, businesses, and even society.


Ready to be alert, get better sleep, exude high confidence levels, and overall better life? Implementing brain training can help you get there! It can significantly influence your life, enhancing a better society for all.


Final Thoughts

Is any member of your family struggling with mental issues? Do you want to handle family problems amicably, calmly, and cordially? Are you looking for confidence, the ability to focus, or better sleep? All these and more are possible with our NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training system. Contact us to kick start the journey to improved brain health and thus quality of life!

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