NeurOptimal® for Peak Performance

Benefits of NeurOptimal® in Reaching Peak Performance

Athletes, artists, those in the performing arts, try to expand their ability in their trade every day, but what about their minds? Being able to be open to flow and focus intently on a task at hand is essential for peak performance. Lapses in concentration, however brief, can be costly in any competitive endeavor. Learning how to get and stay ‘in the zone’ is a skill every performance athlete should have. 


The NeurOptimal® brain training system is a tool to help people from all walks of life get the best out of their brains. NeurOptimal® can help increase focus, creativity and teach you how to channel your thoughts in a way that maximizes your performance.

What is Peak Performance?

Peak performance occurs when your mind is in a state of flow and your body is performing at its best. For many, this can be elusive, especially when performing under pressure. Neurofeedback training can help remove the barriers the mind puts in the way of peak performance.

Training That Doesn't Strain Your Body

There’s only so much time a person can put into physical training. Rest days are essential for muscles and joints to recover. NeurOptimal® training can be performed on those rest days, allowing time for physical recovery, while still providing incremental performance improvements by removing barriers such as fear and worry, and enhancing areas such as mind-body connection.

Short, High-Impact Sessions

Each session takes just 33 minutes, making it easy to fit in during a lunch break or after a morning training session. NeurOptimal® is ideal for people with busy lifestyles.

Gain Skills For Life

Just like learning how to swim or ride a bike, the brain enhancement experienced from NeurOptimal® is like bicycle memory, our brain remembers that enhanced state. Some people benefit from occasional refresher sessions, especially if they’ve had a major life change or even hormonal change that impacts how they think. However, once learned, the core skills built by NeurOptimal® can easily be refreshed and called-upon long-term.

Build Resilience and Focus

Focus and concentration are skills that apply in all areas of life. Top performers who use NeurOptimal® benefit not only from improved performance in their fields, but also in other areas of their lives. The NeurOptimal® brain training system supports your brain in achieving a state of flow, or ‘getting in the zone’. Being in this frame of mind can offer benefits in other areas of your life.

NeurOptimal® Works With Your Unique Brain

Thanks to decades of research and development, the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training system has been refined to work with your brain, rather than simply training a fixed set of patterns or approaches from the perspective that all brains are intended to be the same. For those looking to be the best version of themselves and increase their performance in sports or other pursuits, the feedback system of NeurOptimal® is your best solution to unleash your natural abilities.

The Elusive State of Flow

The flow state is something many athletes and those in the performing arts speak of. From long-distance runners who simply run and don’t notice the miles go by, to martial artists and tennis players, to artists and actors who respond to each fast-paced exchange without thinking. Getting into the flow state can be a challenge for those anxious about performing in a competitive environment, or who have had previous injuries and there is now a sense of fear. Neurofeedback training helps the brain get unstuck and back to being flexible and resilient so the brain can reach that state more readily.

Start your NeurOptimal® Journey!

Clinical psychologists designed NeurOptimal® to be as effective and easy to use as possible. Each neurofeedback session lasts just 33 minutes and helps the user build resilience, focus, and concentration. 


Doctors Susan and Val Brown have decades of neuroscience experience and have used their skills to create a brain training system that supports each user’s brain in optimizing itself. NeurOptimal® doesn’t use a one-size fits-all approach; rather, it supports each individual on their own journey to peak performance. 


If you’d like to know more about how NeurOptimal® can help you be the best you can be, contact us today to book a consultation.

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